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Ralph Campbell


Ralph Campbell, CEO & Thought Leader of Optimized Learning, LLC, and Partner with 4D Associates, an organizational development firm specializing in experiential based learning for their clients and partners.  

As a Corporate Performance Expert, he has been in the field of personal development for 25 years and has held key corporate leadership positions in the insurance and finance industries.  Ralph has completed extensive research in the field of performance expertise, building and sustaining high impact teams through his work at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business executive program, and deep practice applied in the workplace and career space.  

Ralph earned his B.A. in Marketing at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and is a graduate of Leadership Florida.  

Previous Corporate Posts: 

CEO / President - McKinley Financial Services, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Co-Founder - Summit Education, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Previous Community Posts:

  · Child Net 

· United Way of Broward County 

· Women in Distress 

· Broward Partnership for the Homeless 


· Future Point 

· Leadership Broward Foundation 

· Leadership Florida 

· Boys and Girls Club of Broward County 

· Nova Southeastern University Ambassador 

· YMCA –Lee Branch of Broward County  

The Learning Optimized Team


When you try and do something radically hard, you approach the problem differently than when you try to make  something incrementally better.  When you attack a problem as if it were solvable, even if  you don’t know how to solve it, you’ll be shocked with  what  you come up with. Aiming for something that is 10x bigger not 10% better is 100 times more worth it… but never 100 times harder.

How We Think


"No original 'big idea' ever starts out that way. It starts out with one person seeing something only they see." Nilofer Merchant

"The outcome is not the outcome. Rather, did I do my best, given who I was and what I knew at that particular time? And what can I learn from the outcome to make my best better next time?" Neil Strauss

"It's not the apples, it's the barrels.  We focus on the Person, not the systems that create certain outcomes." Nilofer Merchant

"Embrace reality and deal with it." Ray Dalio

"You are never done, everybody needs a coach." Atul Gawande

“Life is not designed to make things easy for us, but present challenges to help us grow.” Terry Laughlin

"You never know you will be a champion.  Champion shows up in the work. When you are doing the work, you are most alive. That is a champion." Mary Louise Zeller - World Taekwondo Champion

“Learn more, know less" Neil Strauss

"You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great" Blake Griffin

“We need a new diversity—not one based on biological characteristics and identity politics but a diversity of opinion and worldviews.” Ayaan Hirsi Ali

“No two people’s needs are ever in conflict.  It’s only the strategies for getting those needs met that are in conflict” Marshall Rosenberg

“When you are winning, don’t lose your head. When you are losing, don’t lose your heart.” Jim Cook

"Who is in charge here? The thinker or the thought?" Susan David

"People don't want to follow a leader to the future: they want to co-create it." Linda A. Hill, Harvard Professor