Performance Consulting


E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. That’s us! Learning Optimized.  But, at some level, isn’t that all of us?  

Out of Steward Brand’s The Whole Earth Catalogue in the 1970s, an internet conference on search engines in 1997 attended by Larry Page, arose Google. Out of the various iterations of cellular phones in the 1990s including Nokia, Motorola, and Blackberry, arose the iPhone.  Out of the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1768 and Microsoft’s disruption failure Encarta in 1993,  arose Wikipedia. And out of NASA sending a man to the moon in 1969, arose Space X, which isn’t that far off from sending humans to Mars to begin multi-planetary colonies.  E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One. That’s us! Learning Optimized. 

Following this line of great to exceptional, our consulting approach utilizes all of the best-proven management and leadership practices from the past and present available today. So thanks Learning Optimizers Peter Druker, Brian Dassler, Werner Erhard, Clayton Christensen, John Wooden, Roger Martin, Adam Grant, Robert Sapolsky, Angela Duckworth, Daniel Kahneman, Amy Cuddy, Daniel Pink, Liz Wiseman, and President Obama, to just to name a few.  Then add on our learn-it-all mindset with personal and leadership development over the years with organizations like Radical Honesty, Lifespring,  Harvard Business Review, Tony Robbins Seminars, Landmark Forum, Dartmouth’s Tuck school of business and Leadership Florida, and rest assured you are in very good hands. What makes us stand out then? That’s easy. Over seventy-eight years, collectively, of becoming experts at failing fast, braving the wilderness, recovering often, courageously applying the insight, and then hitting reset to produce extraordinary results for thousands of people we have consulted for and impacted along our journey that we are proud to call friends and clients. Or as Ray Dalio, the bestselling author of Principles and founder of Bridgewater Associates, says, PAIN + REFLECTION = PROGRESS.  


We live and breathe three conversations with all of our clients. It’s the universal answer to why people do what they do. 

1. How people perform in any setting, without exception, correlates to how situations occurs to them. 

2. How the world occurs to people, without exception, presents itself in the form of their non-verbal or verbal language. Or as we prefer saying, the said and the unsaid communication. 

3. Future-based language transforms or alters how situations occur to people. Hint; change your language to change your view of what’s possible.    

We are firm believers in the idea that, by default, people want to be in control of their own lives. So thank you Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci for being the curators of the Self Determination Theory. Our clients get to create autonomy, relatedness, and competency which are at the heart of the Self Determination Theory and are the underlying tenets of extraordinary human beings and companies.  With that said, our unique approach to properly diagnosing each company/individual’s issue or challenge is unprecedented. With our own tried and tested filters and experienced results of exceptional performance, coupled with our evidence-based psychometric assessment tools, our success diagnosis probability rate is near the top. Just follow our prescriptions! They work.   

Performance Topology 

If the universal question, which ultimately drives our thinking, actions, and behaviors, is why do people/companies do what they do, then the next critical question is what are people/companies doing when they do it? What they are doing are operating inside of thousands of topologies every day. These topologies or loops, created and guided by our “three conversations” become the gift and the curse in how we perform at anything we do in our lives. The topology consists of a cue/trigger, a routine done habitually, and a reward. Most of our topologies, once ignited, require little of us deliberately.  They simply are automatic.  Do you know which ones inhibit your learning or growth? Which ones produce impeccable results? How to switch out of an unhealthy routine in your topology? Which ones sabotage your company and employees doing meaningful work and creating meaningful relationships? We do. Remember Kodak, Blockbuster, Yahoo, Nokia’s cell phone division, AOL, and Myspace to name a few? Most were ultimately purchased at a mere tenth of their value compared to their vast market cap when they reached their illusionary summit. Let’s just reflect on Myspace that was valued at 12 billion dollars in 2007 and later sold for 35 million dollars.  That’s right, just 35 million. They were sold for a half of a half of one percent of their 2007 valuation. Ever wonder what topology they were in as they went from disruptors to being disrupted? If they knew, they could have changed their course and still be around today.  

Sadly, either because of fear, ego, or cognitively blindness, topologies largely run undetected. Brene Brown, the bestseller author of “Braving the Wilderness,” states, “If we don’t collectively own the story, it runs us. If we own the story, we get to write a different ending.” Doesn’t that sound a lot like go figure out which topologies are standing in the way, own up to them, and replace them with healthy ones that catapult and produce 10X bigger results for your organization and you? Alas, you are in good hands. We are in the business of supporting your team figuring it out and writing a different ending. Join us!   

“Putting The Work To Work”   

Some consultants call it a personal development plan. We like the committed action phrase “putting the work to work.” It says the company or individuals that we work with are now putting their feet on the pedal and driving their own autonomous car; made, created, and driven by them. Yes, your own plan to hold your team and yourself accountable from the start. When it is working, you are having it work. When you hit a snag; not so much.  Great, you are then putting the three “conversations” to work.  Of course, we are never far away, coaching, encouraging, interrupting, and catching you WHEN you fail fast but always waiting at the finish line to congratulate you when you hit the big home run.  We invite you to learn more about us and we anxiously await to hear your story and vision so we can proudly include your success in our ever-growing and evolving E Pluribus Unum – Out Of Many, One. That’s us. 

Learning Optimized.